The difference bewteen Toronto and Miami stores

I have heard many times before that Toronto is slow with fashion, that Toronto follows other cities. I didn’t know what this truly meant but it was fun to joke about it.

I was quite surprise on my visits to stores in Miami that the managers actually told me the time the buyers would be in and how to see the buyers. In contrast to Toronto where the staff and even the buyers try whatever they can to avoid you.

Buyers in Miami were happy and excited to see the JUZD line. They are friendly people.

But this all makes sense you see. The world and people in Miami look to Miami to set trends. The best new lines strive to have their lines sold in Miami and only the best survive out there. While in Toronto, the lines that approach the stores are local lines and the majority of these local lines are not good and don’t go much further than a few Toronto stores.

And the world and people are not looking toward Toronto for trends. People in Toronto want to go to a Toronto store and buy lines that are popular in LA, New York, and Miami. Torontorians don’t go into stores in Toronto looking for the latest and hottest Toronto brand. You can see this from the buying of stores like TNT and Over the Rainbow. The one store that supports local artists is Got Style. I hope with the success of JUZD more artists from Toronto take starting a clothing line more serious and determine to compete like they do in LA and New York.

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  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure Over the Rainbow carried JUZD last summer. I know this because i used to work there. The other thing is Toronto doesn't have the same style aesthetic as Miami. As a creative person and a designer, I know many locally based designers who have been very well received by their city.

  • Jing

    Over the Rainbow have been one of the biggest supporter of JUZD! Thanks. Daniel the menswear buyer have been great. Over the Rainbow have helped out a lot with the JUZD photoshoots as well. Thanks!

    It's been almost a year since I made that post and it's been over 2 years since I started pitching JUZD. What I am starting to noticed is that I am getting a more positive reaction from stores knowing that the line is Canadian. It helped a lot for stores to know that respected stores like Over the Rainbow carry the line.

    I have a theory for this… maybe I'll make a blog post about it.