Offering Clothing and Awareness

Dedicated to providing a sustainable future, clothing designers have begun producing lines that make use of organic materials such as bamboo, wood-pulp, and seaweed. Joining in on eco-friendly train is Linda Lundström, women’s wear designer.

Slightly over a quarter of Lunström’s Spring 2007 collection can be recognized as a ‘Green Note’ item, which is an item in her collection that makes use of either bamboo or eco-Yukon fleece. Lundström aspires to have at least 50% of her clothing line making use of organic materials by Spring 2008. This spring, the bamboo jersey will be introduced into Lundström’s line as well as natural un-dyed laundered linen.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Lundström is also keen on following an old addage, “Waste not, want not.” In other words, reduce the need to cut excess fabric, and reuse the leftovers to create new garments. Lundström’s design team has come up with two pieces, which make use of the excess fabric – the Shabby Chic Scarf and the Labarka.

Aside from designing, Lundström recently served as Honorary Event Chair at An Evening of Sustainable style, which not only raised awareness concerning the negative impact of people’s choice for fashion but also offered green choices. It is this involvement with the community that helps us understand Lundström’s dedication towards minimizing our ecological footprints.

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