Dancing Miss Asia 2012 Contestants

The summer is heating up with 21 Miss Asia Toronto 2012 contestants. This past Sunday they had a performance and the semi final at Pacific Mall in Markham Ontario. All the ladies were great and did a great performance in their juzd shirts. Check it out!   miss asia toronto 2012 pacific mall Contestants:

  1. Miss Asia Toronto Winnie Shi
  2. Miss Asia Toronto Joanna Yu
  3. Miss Asia Toronto Sarah Chan
  4. Miss Asia Toronto Nina Gong
  5. Miss Asia Toronto Alicia Park
  6. Miss Asia Toronto Lindy Rosalie
  7. Miss Asia Toronto Irene Wong
  8. Miss Asia Toronto Diana Yin
  9. Miss Asia Toronto Jess McKenzie
  10. Miss Asia Toronto Renee Shi
  11. Miss Asia Toronto Coco Huang
  12. Miss Asia Toronto Lisa Hui
  13. Miss Asia Toronto Alice Zhang
  14. Miss Asia Toronto Christine Huang
  15. Miss Asia Toronto Theresa Xu
  16. Miss Asia Toronto Mary Tan
  17. Miss Asia Toronto Melondy Zhai
  18. Miss Asia Toronto Christine Hong
  19. Miss Asia Toronto Lisa Dinhv
  20. Miss Asia Toronto Linda Ma
  21. Miss Asia Toronto Kasin Lau


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