Comparison between Bamboo fabric and Cotton fabric

Comparison between Bamboo and Cotton

The following is research on the difference between cotton fabric and bamboo fabric.

Quality Cotton Bamboo Comments
Strong Abrasion Resistance checkmark checkmark Both are very abrasion resistant
Strength checkmark checkmark Both are strong
Absorbency 100% 300% Bamboo is 300% more absorbent than cotton
Hypoallergenic checkmark checkmark Both fabrics are hypoallergenic
Machine-washable checkmark checkmark Bamboo will retain it’s structural integrity after multiple washings
Machine-dryable checkmark X Not reccommended for Bamboo
Resiliency X checkmark Bamboo is very resilient
Luster X checkmark Bamboo is naturally lusterous
Elasticity X checkmark Bamboo has much more elasticity than cotton
Pesticide-free crop X checkmark Bamboo grows without need for pesticides or fetilizer
UV Protectant X checkmark Bamboo is naturally blocks UV rays
Antibacterial X checkmark Cotton is not anti-bacterial
Insulation X checkmark Cotton fabrics when wet lose their insulating qualities
Moisture Wicking X checkmark Cotton fabrics cannot wick
Soft X checkmark Bamboo feels like cashmere. Cotton is abrasive against the skin
Enriches the soil X checkmark Growing bamboo enriches the soil while cotton damages it
Biodegradable X checkmark

View the full JUZD research on Bamboo Fabric
Pizzuto, J.J. Fabric Science: Seventh Edition.

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