Chinese government deems JUZD shirt too violent for release

It’s 1 am and I just got off the phone with my agent in China. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been talking to him up to three four times a day 10AM, 10PM, 2AM, 8AM, and anytime in between. Then add email and instant messaging, we stay in touch like lovebirds. As JUZD is days from being an overnight success I feel as if I am the most unlucky man on the planet. It would be an overnight success to have your first collection in Holt Renfrew.

The shirts that was suppose to be in Holt Renfrew two weeks ago are still stuck at the Chinese border. It is exporting from one of the city that’s hosting the Olympics. The government is now examining every single package leaving China in that city. They are especially concern with apparel. To change their image they are cracking down on counterfeit apparel, knockoffs. They rejected the express shipment the first time because they didn’t recognize the logo. On the second try they are saying that the images are too violent and would not release the shipment.

My shirts are too violent? Well, maybe but what right do they have on censorship for Canada and US? How about the shirts that have pornography on it and swear words? It is aggression, not violence. It is art.

You would expect the country that’s importing the product to give you hassle not China that’s exporting. Maybe with the recent chemical toy paint issue still imprinted in our consciousness, they are overcompensating?

Going through customs should be a breeze. This is further proof that I’m the most unlucky guy on the planet. What are the odds that Beijing will have the Olympics around the same time that I need my shipment? This is the first time the Olympic games are being held in China in its 112 year history. Odds? Let’s say one month in 112 years (1 in 1344). For my Private Party in March, Toronto had one of its biggest snow storms in about 10 years. Odds? 1 day in 10 years (1 in 3650). And when I attended my first trade show, the Green Living Show, the TTC (Toronto Public Transit) went on strike for the exact two days of the show. Odds? two days in four years (they go on strike about every four years) sydneyseoservices (1 in 730). Total odds of all this happening? 1 in 1,815,072,000

All this happening in my first year you would think I would have thrown in the towel long time ago but nope. I’m pretty positive. Well, my first collection will be in Holt Renfrew. Besides, I really can’t continue to be this unlucky, think how easy things will be once this unluckiness is over.

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