CANOE Spotlights GotStyle Menswear's Show Designers

In anticipation of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, CANOE has been showcasing the designers from this week’s event on their website. And without a doubt, JUZD’s Jing Liu was definitely not forgotten about when CANOE ran its feature on Gotstyle Menswear’s “Made in Canada” show, which will take place at the tail-end of fashion week on the 23rd at 6PM.

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Gotstyle’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection

By Heather Toskan, Sun Media Oct 15, 2009 Toronto menswear retailer Gotstyle is showcasing the designs of several Canadian designers and their companies during their runway show. Featured designers include Jing Liu of JUZD, Christopher Bates of Ultra Menswear and the Christopher Bates brand, and Gregory Allen of the Gregory Allen brand. Allen has more on the runway for spring than the limited edition shirt collection that he has become known for. “My spring 2010 collection will transition from a men’s shirt only limited edition collection to include classic Gregory Allen shirts, bow ties, ties, perforated leather shorts and pants,” says designer Gregory Allen. The Christopher Bates collection is inspired by a romantic notion. “My latest collection for spring 2010 is titled Romeos. I was inspired by my time living and studying in Ital y for a theme that is a modern reinterpretation of today’s man as Shakespeare’s doomed lover,” says designer Christopher Bates. Designer Jing Liu of Judz will also communicate his designs with a theme. “My theme is Daemons in the Garden, which celebrates the dichotomies of society that lie beneath us, the tranquility of garden and the beast that lurks within it,” says designer Jing Liu of JUZD. The Chinese native is known for creating unique graphics on bamboo material.

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