Canadian Rock Band Crash Karma Performs in JUZD

Lead singer of Canadian rock band Crash Karma, Edwin Ghazal, was spotted recently crooning to audiences in a JUZD black Tech tee. Featured on Montreal’s leading music channel MusiquePlus, Crash Karma Performed their top ten Canadian rock single “Fight” to fans last month. Composed of leaders of the Canadian music industry – Edwin Ghazal of I Mother Earth, Mike Turner of Our Lady Peace, Jeff Burrows of The Tea Party, and Amir Epstein of Zygote – Crash Karma formed in 2008 and held their first live concert in June 2009. Their self-titled album was released this past March with singles making the top ten in playlists across the country. More information on Crash Karma can be found on their official website, For exclusive video on the performance, view below or visit:

Crash Karma performs

Up close shot of Edwin Ghazal performing

Edwin Ghazal chats with MusiquePlus host

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