Canada Basketball Launches CB Classic Collection by JUZD Designer Jing Liu

Canada Basketball launches CB Classic Collection by JUZD Designer Jing Liu

Canada Basketball launches CB Classic Collection by JUZD Designer Jing Liu

-Proceeds support 2010 World Championship teams though Canadian Basketball Foundation-

(Toronto, ON) Just in time for the holidays, Canada Basketball is pleased to introduce the new CB Classic Collection apparel line, featuring limited edition vintage designer bamboo graphic t-shirts.  Launched under the new ‘CB Authentic’ label and created by Canadian designer Jing Liu of ‘JUZD’, this five-series of shirts pays homage to the traditions and milestones of Canada Basketball, which was originally established in 1923. “Our country has a rich heritage in basketball from the beginning with Dr. James Naismith, and we are continuing to make history with each successful season,” said Wayne Parrish, Executive Director and CEO of Canada Basketball.  “This collection offers a way for players, coaches and fans of the game to be a part of this history while proudly honouring the sport.” The CB Classic Collection was created not only to pay tribute to the past, but also to galvanize Canadians around Canada’s national hoops teams and the FIBA 2010 World Championships. 2009 was a banner summer for the elite squads, as Canada successfully qualified for all four 2010 world basketball events (Senior Men, Senior Women, Cadet Men, Cadette Women).  Joining dominant countries like Argentina, Australia, Spain and USA, Canada is one of only five FIBA nations to achieve this distinction. JUZD high–fashion designer Jing Liu and Toronto Artist Terence Chung are passionate basketball fans, who volunteered their creative talent to develop an innovative yet affordable product line.   After a successful run at the 2009 LG Fashion Week in Toronto, Jing and Terence are eager to roll out this new venture for basketball enthusiasts across the country. “I’m really excited with how the final shirts turned out, it was beyond my vision,” stated Jing Liu, Lead Designer for JUZD and the CB Classic Collection. “I’m amazed at the artistic synergy that was created working with Terence and the team at Canada Basketball throughout this project!” The five shirts each have a distinct look and feel, incorporating design treatments like flocking and plastisol to generate the vintage effect.  Creative names include CB Club, Game Night, The Kid, Seven, and Olympic, which is a reproduction of the maple leaf worn at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, when Canada won the silver medal. The CB Classic Collection limited edition t-shirts will be available starting November 20 at three exclusive retailers:  Centre Sports at Air Canada Centre, The Sport Gallery in the historic Distillery District and at Canada Basketball’s online store at As an added bonus, Canada Basketball is offering an additional 10 per cent off the retail price of $34.99 from November 9 -19, when shoppers pre-order online at, while supplies last. In the spirit of giving, 10 per cent of proceeds from each shirt will benefit the Canadian Basketball Foundation, a registered charitable organization dedicated to growing all aspects of the game of basketball. CBF is committed to promoting and developing the game of basketball for all Canadians, from the grassroots to national team level, including support for the 2010 World Championship teams. For more information please contact: Tanya Phillipps Manager, Marketing & Communications Canada Basketball 416-276-9329 About Canada Basketball and FIBA: Canada Basketball ( is a private, not-for-profit corporation that is committed to the growth of the sport in Canada.  Just as important, Canada Basketball is focused on the development and preparation of Canada’s national teams for the Olympic; Pan American and FISU Games as well as the World Championships.  The aspiration of Canada Basketball is to instill the pride, commitment, passion and respect that Canadians personify into the development of basketball across the country and internationally. FIBA (, the world governing body for basketball, is an independent association formed by 213 National Federations of basketball throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Canada is one of only five nations to qualify for all four 2010 FIBA World events including the inaugural U17 World Championships for Men and Women, taking place in Germany and France respectively.  Then the biggest basketball names in the world will come together for the 2010 FIBA World Championships for Men and Women, tipping off in Turkey and in the Czech Republic respectively. About JUZD – The Bamboo Streetwear Clothing Company JUZD (short for Juiced) is the planet’s first bamboo designer label, established in 2007 by lead designer Jing Liu. The label emphasizes contemporary high-end streetwear created using exclusive custom-designed and milled bamboo fabric. Each design is inspired by the designer’s vision of “organic” and aggressive style and the philosophy that art and fashion should co-exist in a way that is innovative, eco-conscious, and empowering.

THE KID - Canada Basketball CB Classic Collection by JUZD designer Jing Liu

The Kid – This design is a throwback to the 1970’s incorporating a replica of a Canada Basketball graphic design from that era, as well as other relevant fashion trends like accent trims on the collar and sleeves.

OLYMPIC - Canada Basketball CB Classic Collection by JUZD designer Jing Liu

Olympic – Celebrating the biggest moment in Canadian hoops history, this design is a replica of the original 1936 Summer Olympic team logo, when Canada won the silver medal in basketball (the only team medal Canada ever claimed in the history of the Summer Olympics)

GAME NIGHT - Canada Basketball CB Classic Collection by JUZD designer Jing Liu

Game Night – A bold graphic with a varsity, university feel, this design takes elements of the apparel brand, blended with the name of the organization to create a product for any player, coach, or fan.

CB CLUB - Canada Basketball CB Classic Collection by JUZD designer Jing Liu

CB Club – A clean, simple graphic that pays tribute to the long-standing heritage of the sport by incorporating the inaugural year as well as an original leaf logo into a crest graphic.

SEVEN - Canada Basketball CB Classic Collection by JUZD designer Jing Liu

Seven – For all those athletes who ever played the game this numbered shirt design is for you. Utilizing graphics on both the front and back of the shirt, this design incorporates a jersey number that is one of the most popular and lucky numbers. Perhaps the most famous Canadian to don the ‘7’ is two-time NBA MVP, Captain Canada - Steve Nash.

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