The Beginning: The First JUZD Collection

The idea was to use simple base elements, really limit the parameters of the designs. I remember how the artists that worked with me on this project bitched about the limited colours we can use and my demand for adding a piece of gold to every design. I even had many stores tell me that I would sell more if I increased the colours and choices but that would go outside of the concept. Maybe it was a bad business decision. But art and creation motivates me more than money, as does to all true artists. That is why so many of us are starving.

If you looked at the whole collection and were to tell me it’s bland because of the limited colours of the prints and fabric, I will tell “yes I know!” I designed it. It’s deliberate. However do not worry, it is the concept for the first collection not concept for the line.

Therefore the concept for this collection is The Beginning. The beginning of my journey and the beginning of JUZD.

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