Jing stars in Beautiful People Reality Show

The popularity of the Beautiful People networking website has led to a reality show on the Slice Network where Jing, JUZD’s lead designer guest starred. Check out the show in the fall on the Slice Network to see what Jing was up to!

Probably the most controversial online dating/networking website on the market today, Beautiful People is Canada’s first website where the nation’s most beautiful people can be found.  Its founder, Robert Hintz, originated this new cyber world in Denmark in 2002 and has been publicly criticized for its (too) honest message/member process.

Some say it’s shallow but Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful People calls it “honest”. Does this website encourage online bullying or further place emphasis and pressure on both men and women to look like today’s Hollywood A-Lister’s? Does this website truly reflect today’s society and social pressures that we all face on a day-to-day basis? Definitely debatable!

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