Be the first on the planet to rock a JUZD bamboo shirt

Bamboo Clothing - JUZD Original - Buy online at the JUZD streetwear shop

Everyone have been asking since the JUZD private party fashion show. “Where can we get one of ’em shirts?”

Wait no more! We finally got an early shipment in. We got a very limited supply of the infamous JUZD original, for men we only got 6 smalls, 8 mediums, 6 larges, and 3 xlarges. For women we got 4 xsmalls, 8 smalls,8 mediums, and 4 larges.

You can order yours online at the JUZD Streetwear bamboo clothing shop.

If you miss our first supply we’ll get our full shipment of the JUZD original on April 13th 2008. Make sure you get yours and be the first to rock a JUZD bamboo shirt.

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