Another Eco-Friendly Line to Check Out!

  Those working tirelessly at People Tree do so to ensure that areas of the world suffering from economic instability are given fair working opportunities. People Tree offers the impoverished a chance to receive worker benefits and their efforts help support the local economy. The entire project follows te FairTrade guideines stricty from the growing of the cotton to the eventual stitching of the garment. It must have been this worker friendly and eco-friendly initiative that attracted actress Emma Watson to the brand.   Together, Emma Watson and People Tree are creating adorable and affordable designs from certified organic cotton, as well as from safe and natural dyes. Soon after completing her photo shoots with designer brands Chanel and Burberry, Watson decided to join forces with the eco-friendly company, and in doing so, created a line of her own. The British-feel cardigans and summer dresses follow the same “green” techiques used by the three head designers, Bora Aksu, Jessica Ogden, and Karen Nico of People Tree. Collectivey, these designers create wonderfully adorable dresses, skirts, cardigans and blazers; always keeping the clothes seing for under $200. Check out Emma’s Line at Here are some items that I absolutely adore:  

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